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Five Days One Summer 1982 Dvdrip 21 [PORTABLE]

Elvis On Tour was released on November 1, 1972 and took in nearly $500,000.00 in domestic box office receipts within its first three days of release in 187 theaters. It was first aired on television in 1976, and released on home video in 1982. A revised version arrived on video in 1997; in 2003, the complete San Antonio show was issued. In 2010, Elvis On Tour was re-released in cinemas and earned almost $600,000.00 in its limited release. This edition, which replaced the original opening of "Johnny B. Goode" with "Don't Be Cruel," was released to DVD and Blu-ray and is included on Legacy's upcoming box set.

five days one summer 1982 dvdrip 21

During the summer months, things are busy at the base and the work hours are long. But comes winter, activities slow down. The work days are mostly nine-to-five and everyone has more time to pursue his or her own personal interests. Some tries to learn a new language or play the guitar. Others get involved in woodworking or black and white photography. 350c69d7ab


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