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Darksiders 2 English Language Pack

I just got Tales from the Borderlands from the summer steam sale, was very excited to get back to the world of Pandora, that is until I started the game. The game is in Portuguese. My first thought was, it detected my system language, now I just have to go to the game settings and change it to english, but such option doesn't exist

Darksiders 2 English Language Pack

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So I tried to search for a solution, but the only thing I found was that I had to change my systems language to english, every time I wanted to play the game. That means every time I want play the game, I have to to the control panel, change the language, restart my laptop, play the game, then go to the control panel, change my language back, and restart my laptop again. Is there another solution that doesn't make have to change the system language every time I want to play the game?

Not sure if you're still having this issue but I just solved it. You just have to erase all the language files from the game folder and then erase the prefs.prop file from the documents folder (that being "C:/My Documents/Telltale Games/Tales from the Borderlands"). Start the game again and you should have it in english. Hope it helps. 350c69d7ab


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