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How to Play La Chocolatera on Piano - A Simple and Fun Tutorial

How to Play La Chocolatera on Piano - A Simple and Fun Tutorial

La Chocolatera is a popular Spanish song that can be easily played on the piano. It has a catchy melody and a simple rhythm that makes it suitable for beginners. In this article, we will show you how to play La Chocolatera on piano with a step-by-step tutorial and a free pdf sheet music.

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La Chocolatera was composed by Francisco Alonso, a Spanish composer of zarzuelas and operettas. The song was first performed in 1928 in the musical comedy La Linda Tapada. The title means "The Chocolate Maker" and refers to a woman who sells hot chocolate in the streets of Madrid.

The song has a 4/4 time signature and a moderate tempo. The melody is mostly played by the right hand, while the left hand provides the accompaniment with chords. The song is divided into two sections: A and B. The A section is repeated twice, then the B section is played once, and then the A section is repeated again to end the song.

To play La Chocolatera on piano, you will need to know some basic piano skills, such as reading notes, playing chords, and using the pedal. You can download the free pdf sheet music from this link[^1^]. You can also watch this video tutorial[^2^] to see how to play the song with your fingers.

Here are some tips to help you play La Chocolatera on piano:

  • Start by practicing each hand separately until you can play them smoothly and accurately.

  • Use the sustain pedal to connect the notes and create a legato sound. Release the pedal at the end of each measure or whenever there is a chord change.

  • Pay attention to the dynamics and articulations marked on the sheet music. For example, play forte (loud) when there is an f sign, piano (soft) when there is a p sign, staccato (short) when there is a dot above or below a note, and accent (strong) when there is a > sign.

  • Have fun and enjoy playing this cheerful and lively song!

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and learned how to play La Chocolatera on piano. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Happy playing!

If you want to learn more about La Chocolatera and its composer, here are some interesting facts:

  • La Chocolatera is one of the most famous songs by Francisco Alonso, who composed over 200 works for the stage. He was also a conductor, a pianist, and a singer.

  • The musical comedy La Linda Tapada, where La Chocolatera was first performed, was a huge success and ran for over 500 performances. It was based on a historical legend about a mysterious veiled woman who captivated the king of Spain.

  • La Chocolatera has been recorded by many artists, such as PlÃcido Domingo, Josà Carreras, and MarÃa Dolores Pradera. It has also been used in movies, TV shows, and commercials.

  • La Chocolatera is not only a song, but also a name given to a rocky point on the coast of Ecuador. It is a popular surfing spot and a tourist attraction.

La Chocolatera is a song that celebrates the Spanish culture and tradition. It is a fun and easy song to play on the piano, and it can brighten up your day. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. Thank you for reading! 29c81ba772


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