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Eplan Edz

What is an EDZ file and how to use it in EPLAN Electric P8?

An EDZ file is a compressed file format that contains all the specifications that are required to create one or more macros in EPLAN Electric P8, a software for electrical engineering design and documentation. An EDZ file can include part data, symbol data, function template data, 2D panel layout data and 3D enclosure layout data.

eplan edz

An EDZ file can be created without an installation of EPLAN Electric P8 on the same computer. However, a valid installation of EPLAN Electric P8 is required to create the P8 macros from the EDZ file. An EDZ file can be generated by using the ECAD.GenerateEdzForEcadProjectCommand command with some prerequisites.

An EDZ file can also be downloaded from the EPLAN Data Portal, an online platform that provides access to thousands of parts data from various manufacturers. The EPLAN Data Portal allows users to search, view and import parts data directly into their EPLAN projects. The parts data are provided in different formats, such as EDZ, XML and DXF.

To import an EDZ file into EPLAN Electric P8, follow these steps:

  • Open EPLAN Electric P8 and create a new project or open an existing one.

  • Go to Utilities > Import > EPLAN Data Portal.

  • Select the EDZ file that you want to import and click Open.

  • Choose the destination folder for the imported macros and click OK.

  • The imported macros will appear in the Macro navigator under the folder name of the EDZ file.

  • You can drag and drop the macros into your schematic pages or panel layouts as needed.

You can also watch this video tutorial for a demonstration of how to import an EDZ file in EPLAN Electric P8:

An EDZ file is a convenient and efficient way to transfer and use parts data in EPLAN Electric P8. It can help you save time and avoid errors in your electrical engineering projects. You can create your own EDZ files or download them from the EPLAN Data Portal to enhance your design and documentation process.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of using EDZ files in EPLAN Electric P8. Some of the advantages are:

  • EDZ files are compact and easy to share and store.

  • EDZ files contain all the necessary data for creating macros in one file.

  • EDZ files can be imported without any additional software or configuration.

  • EDZ files can be updated and modified by using the EPLAN Data Portal or the ECAD.GenerateEdzForEcadProjectCommand command.

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • EDZ files are not compatible with older versions of EPLAN Electric P8.

  • EDZ files may contain errors or inconsistencies in the parts data.

  • EDZ files may not include all the information or features that are available in the original parts data.

  • EDZ files may not be supported by some third-party applications or systems.

Therefore, it is important to check and verify the EDZ files before importing them into your EPLAN projects. You can also use the EPLAN Data Standard, a set of guidelines and best practices for creating and managing parts data in EPLAN Electric P8. The EPLAN Data Standard can help you ensure the quality and consistency of your parts data and avoid potential problems or conflicts.

In conclusion, an EDZ file is a useful tool for working with parts data in EPLAN Electric P8. It can help you simplify and streamline your electrical engineering design and documentation process. However, you should also be aware of the limitations and challenges of using EDZ files and follow the EPLAN Data Standard to optimize your results. 06063cd7f5


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