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The following try/catch block contains the code that will start the emulation, set a breakpoint at our return address, and monitor the emulator for this breakpoint to be executed. If the breakpoint is triggered and the return instruction is being executed, we read out the r0 value and check if it is 1, which would indicate a valid password. If this is the case, then we write the password out to a file for further examination! The important functions to understand here are:

Would you be willing to buy an emulator in order to play your old physical PlayStation games on PS5? What kind of features and functionality would you expect to make this worth your while? And if you were interested, how much would you be willing to pay? Embrace your retro side in the comments section below.

Basically, I don't want to have to keep my PS3 around or resort to an emulator for stuff like Metal Gear Solid 4 or the first two LittleBigPlanets. PS4 games being playable at all on PS5 was a big step in the right direction and they might as well go all the way

Later revisions of the PS3 emulated PS2 hardware. PS2 classics on PS3 are not native ports, they're an executable wrapped in an emulator shell. The PS3 was also capable of PSP emulation (though it's locked and compatibility is terrible). The PS1 Classic mini console is running the PCSX emulator.

It's a great idea to build and/or sell the emulator. Then you can also sell the games digitally, but if you have the disk you are great. Plus it opens up publishers being able to release limited runs again. Imagine squenix releasing ff7 again on PS1!

Nope. The thought of playing old games is almost always far better than the reality. I put endless hours into my Spectrum and C64 games in the 80s, with super fond memories of a lot of them. But that's where they should stay imo - I've never wanted to get one of the many emulators freely available for those machines. The graphics and gameplay would be embarrassingly bad now, and would also spoil said memories.

I would happily pay more than $100 on a PS3 emulator for PS5, for the others I would say $50 each. Still I don't see this ever happening, Sony's current leadership can't make trucks of money on old games.

I would possibly spend around 5-10 on each emulator to play the games on a console. I wish Xbox would throw their emulator out into the wild too because even now, you are limited to their BC games list. I'd love to just have the emulator to use how I wanted to with no expectation that every single game would run perfectly.

@Medic_Alert It's really sad, but I'm right there with you. I have a bunch of emulators installed on my computer and my phone, a Wii and an N64, and I just never touch any of them. I think the only games I still go back and play are some of the old Zelda and Mario games, but that's about it. All of the other retro games that I have are either taking up space just sitting on my hard drive or in my closet. Great memories, but I just don't have the time anymore to go back and play the old stuff.

@ShiningStar I disagree. I've just bought a handheld emulator that plays all my favourites from back in the C64 and Amiga days, and I'm having a blast! While graphically yes, they have aged, some of them are still awesome. Impossible Mission is still great!

I do think it's a shame that I can only play Metal Gear Solid V (I bought it on a PS store sale, but haven't taken the plunge). Every Reddit says I MUST play the others first! Ok. How? Crossing my fingers for the rumoured Bluepoint remake, but I would pay for an emulator this reason.

@Carl-G Well to be fair when PS3 did full backward compatibly nobody gave a dam. So they removed it. Now all of a sudden everyone claim they want it or emulators, when in reality they won't use it either. There is only a small small group of people who actually play older games, and those people already know where to get them free of charge.

What really grinds my gears is that native ps1 ps2 and psp emulators already exist on your ps4! They are simply locked away in the firmware and are utilized by a handful of games such as Medieval, Parappa the rapper and locoroco remastered. Hackers/enthusiasts have definitively proven with Jailbroken ps4s that proper legacy support is not only possible but actually exists now... They just refuse to let you use it properly, Jim Ryan needs to get a grip!

I'd be a little mad if Sony put an emulator on PS5 and then charged for it. Especially if they charged PER system. Xbox may not be able to play 100% of legacy games from X360 and OG Xbox, but Microsoft doesn't charge extra for the privilege to play the games that are supported!

Then again, I wouldn't be mad enough not to pay for it if it meant an emulator that covers every single generation of PlayStation and I could insert the current PS2/PS3 physical games I own - as well as play the PSOne Classics I already own on PSN.

Why would so many publishers want their legacy games available for sale on Xbox, but not on PlayStation? They would certainly license to PlayStation if Sony offered the feature. All they have to do is submit the games and pricing to Sony and Sony must do the rest, like Microsoft does. The platform holders then earn a commission off each digital game copy sold. Sony can't lock the emulators behind a paywall. Charging users for a feature that their competitor offers for free would generate more negative buzz than not supporting the feature at all.

Microsoft has a team dedicated to back compat and they do all the testing themselves. In fact, to ensure the best experience possible, each game is packaged in an optimized version of their emulator (as opposed to one master emulator that runs all games), which they modify for each title (actually, Sony took this approach for PS2 on PS4). This is the reason why there are still many older Xbox titles that are not supported; they must evaluate whether enough people are interested in playing a game for all this work to be worthwhile. And even if Sony were to go with the master emulator method, testing for each title and maintenance is still required.

@get2sammyb How do you imagine this working? Do you pay for an emulator, and then pay for the games on top of it, or is it an all-inclusive type of deal? Nintendo doesn't/didn't charge for the NES emulator separately.

It's insane to think for a second that Sony would go to the trouble of creating emulators and then sell them for a one off fee when they could just as easily sell emulated games on a per title basis and make much more

Bundle the full emulator license with an official USB CD drive for people with their old collection, but also add a load of games to the store that are just an ISO and a license to use the emulator against that specific ISO.

If Sony doesn't provide an emulator (and I would happily pay for it!), then I will jailbreak my Vita and install RetroArch. Sad but it's a simple solution. If Sony doesn't want to provide a way to legally buy games for legacy systems, then I don't care about legality of such actions because Sony will make me do this.

@KingPev Way back when, when I traded in my PS2, it was right when the SLim models were announced, so I thought I could get top $ for my old one, which I did, then I waited for a sale on the PS2 Slims, and befor eI knew it they just weren't in stock anywhere. And ever since I've bene waiting for the PS4 or PS5 to play those discs. Starting to look slim now. Might be cheaper just t repurchase all of my old PS2 games than buy a used system to replay some old games. Or, you know, illegal PC emulation. I tried one of those many years ago and it ran like garbage, probably better now. But if Sony offered a $20 emulator on PS5, sure, why not.

having looked over RPCS3 emulator catalogue, it currently lists 48 of the games i own on PS3 to be "playable".. 114 are not playable, and the rest presumably untested (or takedowns issued). more than half of the 48 that are playable have been ported/remastered/remade anyway.. almost all of the sony games i own are in the 114 that are not playable, so PS3 emulation seems like it would present more hassles than it's really worth. it'd probably be easier to run some kind of wine-like compatibility layer or an equivalent of SteamPlay on PS5's unix O/S to run the PC version of a game (where it exists) and use PS now for first party games.

I'm all for an emulator but I also worry about the logistics. If you have to buy digital copies, that's going to severely limit what games are available. I have several licensed games and some obscure games that I very much doubt would ever become digitized.

I would buy PS1, PS2, and PS3 emulators for my PS5 despite having multiple original working consoles from each generation (including the original 60 gig PS3 which plays PS1/PS2 games with actual hardware supported emulation).

Eventually they will all breakdown. Sony would probably be hesitant to do this because they'd rather sell you the same game over and over again, but it would be great if they could make this happen. I would be willing to pay up to 60 dollars per emulator, or 100 for all three rolled into one release. If they throw in some rudimentary resolution scaling, and a couple of halfway decent filters all the better. 350c69d7ab


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