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Iqbal [DVDrip ITA] Cinzia Th Torrini [TNT VIllage] _BEST_

Iqbal: A Film That Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Think

If you are looking for a movie that will inspire you, entertain you and touch your heart, look no further than Iqbal. Iqbal is a 2005 Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age sports drama film written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. Produced by Subhash Ghai, under "Mukta Searchlight Films", the story follows a cricket-obsessed deaf and mute boy from a remote Indian village as he aims to overcomes difficulties to become a cricketer and fulfill his dream of playing for the Indian national cricket team.

Iqbal [DVDrip ITA] Cinzia Th Torrini [TNT VIllage]

The Plot of Iqbal

Iqbal (Shreyas Talpade) is a deaf and mute boy, who dreams of playing cricket for India. However, he is discouraged by his father who thinks that Iqbal's daydreams are a waste of time. Instead, he wants Iqbal to help him tend to the crops and become a farmer like him, which would be a stable profession.

Iqbal's sister, Khadija (Shweta Prasad), however, helps him try out for a nearby academy run by Guruji (Girish Karnad), an influential former India captain, who accepts him for his talent. However, when Iqbal competes with a rich boy, Kamal, who is also the star of the academy, he is thrown out by Guruji out of fear of Kamal's father, who bankrolls the academy.

Iqbal seeks help from the local drunkard, Mohit (Naseeruddin Shah), who was once a great cricketer and persuades him to be his coach. They are able to train in a nearby field, using Iqbal's buffaloes (named after actual members of the Indian cricket team) as fielders. Mohit trains Iqbal and gets him a place on the Andhra Pradesh Ranji Trophy team, despite Iqbal not having any previous cricketing experience.

Iqbal plays marvelously for the team, which was a weak team before he joined, and is soon noticed by the press and cricket selectors alike. However, when the final match of the season pits Iqbal against his rival, Kamal, Guruji tries to bribe Iqbal to bowl badly so that the national team scouts at the game would select Kamal for the national cricket team. Iqbal succumbs to his offer, out of concern for his father, who is facing financial difficulties and may lose his lands.

Luckily, a sports agent is able to offer him a better deal, and Iqbal bowls with his usual fiery pace and wins the match for his team. Surprisingly he also impresses the onlooking national team selector Kapil Dev (in a special guest role), and wins a place in the Indian national cricket team.

The Cast and Crew of Iqbal

The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors who deliver stellar performances. Shreyas Talpade plays the titular role of Iqbal with conviction and charm. He portrays the emotions and struggles of a deaf and mute boy with subtlety and grace. Naseeruddin Shah plays Mohit, the alcoholic coach who becomes Iqbal's mentor and friend. He brings humor and depth to his character with his impeccable timing and expressions. Shweta Prasad plays Khadija, Iqbal's supportive sister who encourages him to pursue his passion. She is adorable and lively in her role. Girish Karnad plays Guruji, the former captain who runs the academy where Iqbal trains initially. He is convincing as the authoritative and manipulative coach who favors Kamal over Iqbal.

The film is written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, who is known for making unconventional films with social themes. He has crafted a heartwarming story that blends comedy, drama and sports in a seamless manner. He has also written the dialogues for the film, which are witty and realistic. The film is produced by Subhash Ghai under his banner "Mukta Searchlight Films", which aims to promote meaningful cinema with low budgets. The film has music by Himesh Reshammiya, Sukhwinder Singh and SalimSulaiman. The songs are catchy and suit the mood of the film. The cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee captures the rural landscape and the cricket action beautifully. The editing by Sanjib Datta keeps the pace of the film tight and engaging.

The Reception and Awards of Iqbal

The film was released on 26 August 2005 and received critical acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its simple yet powerful story, its realistic portrayal of rural India and cricket, its brilliant performances by the cast and its uplifting message of following one's dreams despite all odds.

The film was also a commercial success at the box office. It was made on a budget of 2.25 crore [1] and earned 5.60 crore [1] , making it one of the most profitable films of 2005.

The film received several awards and nominations at various prestigious ceremonies. It won the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues [3] , which is one of the highest honors in Indian cinema. It also won 11 other awards including four Filmfare Awards (Best Story, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor for Naseeruddin Shah and Best Debut for Shreyas Talpade), three Zee Cine Awards (Best Debut Director for Nagesh Kukunoor, Best Debut Male for Shreyas Talpade and Critics Award for Best Actor Male for Shreyas Talpade) and two Screen Awards (Best Supporting Actor Male for Naseeruddin Shah

The Impact and Legacy of Iqbal [DVDrip ITA] Cinzia Th Torrini [TNT VIllage]

Iqbal [DVDrip ITA] Cinzia Th Torrini [TNT VIllage] is a film that has made a lasting impact on the viewers and the society. The film has raised awareness and sparked debate about the issue of child labor and human rights. The film has also inspired many people to take action and support the cause of ending child slavery and exploitation. The film has also paid tribute to the real-life story of Iqbal Masih, a Pakistani boy who was sold into slavery at the age of four and became a symbol of the fight against child labor. He was murdered in 1995 at the age of 12 by a carpet mafia.

The film has also influenced other filmmakers and artists who have made similar films or works on the topic of child labor and human rights. Some examples are Slumdog Millionaire (2008), a British film that tells the story of a slum boy who becomes a contestant on a game show; Kites (2010), an Indian film that features a child worker who escapes from his abusive employer; The White Balloon (1995), an Iranian film that depicts the adventures of a girl who wants to buy a goldfish; Salaam Bombay! (1988), an Indian film that portrays the lives of street children in Mumbai; and The Carpet Boy's Gift (2003), an American book that narrates the story of a boy who works in a carpet factory.

The Conclusion of Iqbal [DVDrip ITA] Cinzia Th Torrini [TNT VIllage]

Iqbal [DVDrip ITA] Cinzia Th Torrini [TNT VIllage] is a film that deserves to be watched by everyone who loves cinema and humanity. It is a film that combines entertainment and education, art and activism, emotion and reason. It is a film that shows the power of dreams, the courage of resistance, and the hope of justice. It is a film that celebrates the spirit of Iqbal, who said: "I am not afraid to die. I am afraid to lose my freedom." d282676c82


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