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Feeling Nervous About Tomorrows Networking Event Learn 5 Ways To Stay Cool And Stand Out [PATCHED]

One bride that I recently worked with identified that she was feeling anxious about her hen weekend, as many of the guests only knew her, and she was feeling a huge amount of pressure around this. She decided that another way to see this weekend was as a networking event so that her friends had a chance to meet before the wedding.

Feeling Nervous About Tomorrow’s Networking Event Learn 5 Ways to Stay Cool and Stand Out

A big complaint a lot of students have about what we learn in class is that it doesn't seem applicable to the real world. Have students practice skills they've learned or topics they've come to understand in service learning, debates, leadership/volunteerism/community service, or by having opinions on "real" issues like education reform or the 2012 election (shriek! politics! you might think, but as long as you stay objective, the students are civil to each other and parents are okay, politics can be one of the most energizing topics there is for students). Have your students make a difference with what they've learned, and they'll be more motivated to learn further -- because they're seeing that it's having an impact. They're learning to help others instead of just working toward some lofty, seemingly distant goal of graduating and going to college. 350c69d7ab


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