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Rgaljas Iperezz

Ripper Street Season 1 720p Or 1080pl ((HOT))


the problem is, as the series has progressed, the fact that the characters have stopped making any sense has not been rectified. its the first series of the first season and its time to go back and watch the original and see what that was all about.

the first episode of ripper street starts with a bang, with the shocking demise of an innocent man and a young girl taken as a victim. the first half hour, as well as the remainder of the series, uses this shocking event to kick the plot into gear. the episode is tense and gripping, with the listener not having time to take a breath, and the investigation is, for the most part, very well presented. the main narrative is well explored and the intrigue is well-handled, giving the case a solid and believable backbone.

as with all series openers, the status quo is somewhat returned by the end with reid packed up and returned to london, ready to don his crime-fighting bowler hat once again. susan is hidden at the docks, ready to be a mystery once more and the queens jubilee passes without incident. its a bold opening episode and one that succeeds far more than it falters. ripper street is nicely back in business.

reids return may feel a little rushed, but his return to leman street is cleverly done within the case. it is focus and determination that fuels everyone else to solve the murder, resorting to his bullish leadership skills to keep everyone within the limits of the station. his old tactics are brought back, using drakes intimidation tactics, as well as jacksons medical skills, uniting the three of them in their work. as the night continues, various other characters wander in, bringing with them their own troubles such as jacksons partner, miss morton and her brother, roses fiance who promptly smacks bennett for his affair. 3d9ccd7d82


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