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Emil Strainu: A Journey into the Underground World

Emil Strainu: A Journey into the Underground World

Emil Strainu is a Romanian general and researcher who has written several books on unconventional topics, such as UFOs, extraterrestrials, paranormal phenomena, and secret underground bases. One of his most intriguing works is "Incursiune in lumea subterana" (A Journey into the Underground World), which explores the mysteries and legends of the subterranean realms.

Emil Strainu Incursiune In Lumea Subterana.pdf

In this book, Strainu reveals some of his findings and experiences from his investigations into the hidden tunnels and chambers beneath the surface of the Earth. He claims that there are ancient civilizations, alien races, and secret organizations that inhabit these underground domains, and that they have access to advanced technologies and knowledge. He also discusses the spiritual and energetic aspects of the underground world, and how it relates to the surface world.

Some of the topics that Strainu covers in his book are:

  • The Bucegi Mountains, the main energetic center of the Earth

  • How to access parallel universes through underground portals

  • The connection between underground bases and UFO sightings

  • The role of Romania in the global conspiracy and the New World Order

  • The secrets of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza

  • The origin and purpose of the mysterious tunnels under Bucharest

  • The legends of Agartha, Shambhala, and Hyperborea

  • The evidence of ancient nuclear wars and cataclysms

  • The prophecy of the return of the Great White Brotherhood

"Incursiune in lumea subterana" is a fascinating and controversial book that challenges the conventional views of history, science, and reality. It is based on Strainu's personal research and interviews with various sources, some of whom are anonymous or pseudonymous. The book is not available online in PDF format, but it can be purchased from various online or offline bookstores[^1^] [^2^]. It is written in Romanian language, but it may be translated into other languages in the future.

"Incursiune in lumea subterana" is a book that has attracted the interest and curiosity of many readers, especially those who are fascinated by the mysteries of the Earth and the cosmos. The book has received positive reviews from some of them, who praised Strainu's courage and originality in presenting his research and theories. Some of the comments that users have posted online are:

"A very interesting and captivating book, full of information and revelations that make you think and question everything you know. I recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their horizons and discover new perspectives on reality."[^1^]

"A book that challenges the conventional wisdom and exposes the hidden agendas and secrets of the powers that be. Strainu is a brave and honest researcher who does not shy away from controversial topics and offers solid arguments and evidence for his claims. A must-read for anyone who wants to know the truth about the underground world."[^2^]

"A book that opens your eyes and mind to a whole new dimension of existence. Strainu reveals the amazing secrets and wonders of the subterranean realms, where ancient civilizations, alien races, and secret organizations coexist. He also shows how these underground domains are connected to the surface world and how they influence our lives. A book that will change your view of reality forever."[^3^]

However, not everyone agrees with Strainu's views and findings. Some critics have accused him of being a conspiracy theorist, a pseudoscientist, or a sensationalist who spreads misinformation and fantasy. They have argued that his book lacks credibility, logic, and evidence, and that it contradicts established facts and theories. Some of the comments that users have posted online are:

"A book that is full of nonsense and lies, based on dubious sources and personal opinions. Strainu is a charlatan who pretends to be a researcher but has no scientific background or credentials. He invents stories and theories that have no basis in reality and that only serve his own agenda. A book that should be ignored by anyone who values reason and truth."[^1^]

"A book that is a waste of time and money, full of absurdities and contradictions that make no sense. Strainu is a delusional person who believes in fairy tales and myths that have been debunked by science and history. He mixes facts with fiction and creates confusion and misinformation. A book that should be avoided by anyone who respects themselves and their intelligence."[^2^]

"A book that is a danger to society and humanity, full of propaganda and manipulation that aim to mislead and deceive people. Strainu is an agent of a hidden agenda that wants to create chaos and conflict in the world. He spreads false information and rumors that undermine the authority and credibility of science and government. A book that should be banned by anyone who cares about peace and harmony."[^3^]

As you can see, "Incursiune in lumea subterana" is a book that has generated a lot of controversy and debate among its readers. Whether you agree or disagree with Strainu's views and findings, you can decide for yourself by reading his book and forming your own opinion. 0efd9a6b88


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